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Those We Serve

No two people are alike, but we have found that the clients of Brophy Wealth Management, LLC have similar concerns when it comes to their financial life.

Our clients are financially savvy; they have a focus on saving, are serious about their wealth and understand that with wealth comes responsibility. These clients understand that in order to create a successful financial future, they require the expertise, experience and understanding of a financial advisor.

Some clients have a great interest in money and wealth and want detailed explanations of markets and economic resources. Others have no interest in to the inner workings of investments and economics. 

During Brophy Wealth Management, LLC 30 years of service we have built a trusted advisor relationship with our clients that spans decades. We are here to support our clients through their major life changes from marriage, a growing family, college, buying a home, divorce, retirement and the passing of a loved one. We are honored to often be the first ones called when these life events happen.  

Our clients reward us by referring us to their friends and family.