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My Encrypted Email SMARSH

We use a secure encryption program named “SMARSH” when emailing you documents that contain your personal information. We hope this will assure you that we are taking every precaution to protect your personal and sensitive information. “To continue a secure transmission and protection of your personal data please respond back through a SMARSH e-mail system with your documents.”

Please open the email when you receive it and do not treat it as “junk”.

The first time you receive a SMARSH email the subject line will read (You Have a New Secure Message from …) you will then need to double-click this link ( and establish your User ID and password. You only need do this the first time. Retain your User ID and password for any future e-mails from our office. We recommended that you either bookmark the Smarsh login page or access it from the Client Center on our website.

If you need to have your password reset please call 1-866-762-7741 opt 2.

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